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Their entire staff is continuously motivated to provide the highest level of service possible. Being customer focused, respectful, trustful, committed, accurate, proactive, flexible, fast in responding, reliable, creative and thinking outside of the box if necessary. Their network of agents is enabling them to work on a worldwide level with customer satisfaction being the highest priority!

Consolidating various shipments/orders as a package has a positive effect on your global logistics costs. We close weekly air- and sea freight consolidations for various customers, ensuring a steady flow of goods. For the consolidations, we make use of various warehouses, each of them tailored to the specific needs of the customer. These warehouses are located at the Port of Antwerp and at Brussels Airport.


Our consolidation services include:

  • Collection of shipments
  • Unloading trucks and handling them at our bonded warehouse
  • Export customs declarations
  • Re-packing (if required)
  • Establishing IMO or IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration (if required)
  • Closing the consolidation as per customer’s preference
  • Air- or sea freight to destination, using a weekly reliable service


In addition to the consolidations, we also offer a weekly LCL sea service to Abidjan and Dakar. Being able to consolidate shipments for various consignees enables us to offer a very good LCL rate for each shipment. Feel free to contact us if you require further information or a quote.